September 2019 Question of the Month – Top 3 Answers

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Here are the top three answers from last month’s Around the Table question for September: “What are your customers forcing you to do that makes your company better?”

#1  We integrate more technology into the work we do.  In order to stay competitive and supply the best candidates, we’ve developed our website and actively reach out to candidates.  It’s our differentiator.  It’s not money I thought we’d spend, but it makes sense and gives my company a competitive advantage.
#2 Right now our industry is a little soft; our customers are asking for price reductions.  This forces us to again look at our processes, procedures, labor use, etc. and look for waste and ways to improve.  It also requires us to buy better and hold our supply chain suppliers to best practices, as well.
#3 When Facebook and Google changed their algorithms in May, we had to pivot and respond immediately.  The algorithms changed and the world we worked in changed.  Our customers still expected results and we had to figure out how to make that happen in this “new world”.


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