Yikes – Six Months Down! How’s It Stacking Up?

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Each year about this time, I encourage you to assess where you are and what it will take to accomplish your annual goals by year end.

Look back:

  1. What great things have you completed in the past six months?  What are you proud of?
  2. Did you develop new relationships?  Did you strengthen existing ones?  Have you overlooked relationships that should be nurtured?
  3. What new things have you learned?  About yourself?  About your business?
  4. How about mistakes?  Could they have been avoided?  What did you learn?
  5. Did you manage time according to your priorities?  When were you most productive?  When were you least productive?  What time wasters should be eliminated?

Look ahead:

  1. What top three work related goals do you want to accomplish by year end?
  2. What three personal goals do you plan to knock off your list?
  3. What three relationships will help you accomplish your business and personal goals?
  4. What new skills will you learn or strengthen?
  5. What time management habits can you cultivate to become more focused and efficient?
  6. Keep an open mind, be alert to new ideas and new directions!

Write down your thoughts, check back, edit, enhance as needed!  You’ll be amazed at the difference this will make in your life.

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