There were only 10 people in church

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That’s how my father responded when I asked him how church was last Sunday.

Ten people – in a church that would hold over 200. What in the world happened?

  What happened was the minister of Dad’s church made some decisions that offended his parishioners. First, only two families left; then two more, then there was a mass exodus. When the dust settled only 10 worshipers remained.

It struck me that the minister of a church is like the CEO of a company. Every action they take affects someone.

CEOs have that same power. Their actions and decisions also affect people.

Have you taken any of the following actions lately?
•Telling a customer, “I’m not going to do that anymore.”
• Berating an employee in front of others
• Deciding that getting “certified” is too expensive and a waste of time
• Overlooking small defects in products hoping your customer won’t notice
• Becoming defensive when a customer calls to say your invoice is incorrect
• Deciding not to thank your best customers at least once a year because you’re not
comfortable making sales calls
• Deciding not to upgrade the software program that runs your business• Telling a customer you won’t take credit cards because you don’t want to pay the
processing fee

Actions have consequences.

It won’t be long before that beautiful church in Wisconsin closes; it’s impossible to sustain with only ten members.

The same could be said for some businesses, when too many unpopular actions are taken. They become impossible to sustain.


“When people get fearful, they get fearful en masse. Confidence comes back one at a time. When they get greedy, they get greedy en masse.”
– Warren Buffet

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