Breaks for Leaders During the Holidays

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Your employees are probably busy making holiday plans—lavish vacations and trips home to see family and old friends. As a leader in the company, are you making the same sorts of plans? Leaders struggle with whether or not they can take a break during the holiday season, but it’s extremely important to take a break and unplug for a few days.


You may find it hard to justify taking time off for the holidays, but it’s necessary for you to pencil some time in your calendar for a getaway. Even if that just means getting out of the office for a day or two. Far too often, leaders spend their nights thinking about work. They work late into the evening and get up early to get a jumpstart on emails. Even when leaders are supposed to unplug, they often find themselves thinking about work anyway. That’s why it’s crucial to schedule some time during the holidays to completely unplug. No laptop, no work phone, no checking emails while you absentmindedly watch a Christmas movie with the family. And there’s no better time than the holidays to take a break. Attend your child’s Christmas performance at school. Go for a drive with the family to look at Christmas lights. Take some time to pick up last-minute gifts, or allow yourself time to get pampered.


The key to taking some time off during the holidays is to plan ahead. There’s a good chance many of your clients will be taking time off during the holidays, too. Clearly communicate with them about your scheduled time off so that you can move projects or complete them beforehand, and schedule meetings around your time off. Trust your employees to take care of things while you’re away. If that requires some planning ahead, that’s okay. The business won’t crumble with you away for a few days.


While you’re taking some time off, really allow yourself to unwind. Set your phone to the side. Don’t do any tasks that remind you of work, like reading a business blog. Take away all the stressors from work, and leave them behind for a few days. You’ll come back to work after the holidays feeling more productive, creative, and efficient.

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