You Can’t Buy Loyalty!

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Coupons won’t do it.  Reducing your prices won’t do it;
there’s always someone willing to make less money than you.  Inspiring loyalty means you have to build value into the very fabric of your business – excellent products supported by dedicated and friendly people.
Make (and keep) your big promises
What you do after making the sale may be more important than the sale itself.  Promise and deliver memorable customer service: make yourself accessible, respond immediately, and deal with problems to the satisfaction of the customer.  Most important, remember (and use) each customer’s name.    Be available
Remember the company you couldn’t contact when you needed service?  Be the company that helps the customer until their problem is solved!  Offer multiple contact methods – email, live chat with a real person and social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.  Engage with your customers where they feel most comfortable.
Provide Options
Henry Ford offered only black cars, but today’s customer expects infinite choices.  The options you can offer are as varied as your customer base: customized products, shipping options and a wide range of payment methods.  Choices put your customer in control of the process and the more options you offer, the happier they’ll be.
Give customers a voice
Let customers tell you and everyone else how much they love your company.  Invite reviews and testimonials.  Satisfied customers are the best tool in developing new customers.  If a buyer posts a bad review, accept and sincerely attempt to rectify the issue.  Buyers will appreciate that you don’t gloss over their bad experience and they may give you another shot.Keep people informed
When people love what you do, they enjoy receiving news about your company.  Your emails don’t have to include discounts and coupons.  Instead, spread the news about new products and new people.  Let them know when to expect new products so they can get the jump on everyone else.  Customers who love your company want to see you succeed.  When you share news items through email or social media, they’re likely to spread the news to others. It’s a win for you.
Honor Guarantees
Your guarantee may be what convinces a new customer to do business with you.  If a product doesn’t work out, you must honor your promise – your honor is at stake.  Think of it as an opportunity to delight the customer; offer free shipping, upgrade to a better model, do whatever you can to rectify the situation.
Most of these suggestions won’t cost a thing.  When you create a sense of enduring loyalty among your customers rather than going for the cheap freebies and short-term connection, it’s a good deal.  In the end, everyone’s happy.How do great organizations command loyalty? Marketing guru Simon Sinek introduces his concept of “The Golden Circle” which identifies what makes the most inspiring people and organizations so successful and influential.  Click Here to watch.

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