From the mouths of babes…

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I love it when members present their annual Strategic MAP in a Roundtable meeting.  You get an understanding of the forces that shaped the person, the lessons they’ve learned as well as their personal and professional goals.

Individuals weave their story throughout their MAP however they choose.  Some are done through movies and slideshows, others create poetry and one individual sang a song that had great meaning in her life.

MAP’s always bring wisdom, sometimes from unexpected sources.  

Will tomorrow be a “soft” day?

Four-year-old Jake had been excitedly waiting for his mother to get home from work.  He had finally earned enough to download a coveted video game.

His mother arrived late, exhausted after a particularly tough day.  Jake danced around her as she made dinner, begging her to help him download his game.  Exasperated, she snapped at him, “Not tonight Jake!  I’ve had a hard day.”

Jake stopped and pondered her statement.  Finally he asked, “Will tomorrow be a soft day?”

Make tomorrow a “soft” day, has become the family’s mantra.

When you lay in the grass, you have to look for dog poop.

A member loves to spend time with her grandson, laying in the grass, watching cloud pictures in the sky and talking.  Recently as they were looking for the perfect grassy spot, her grandson observed, “When you lay in the grass, you have to look for the dog poop.”

His entrepreneur grandmother saw the connection between their conversation about grass and running a business.  You always have to be on the lookout for dog poop.

Kids say some pretty profound things when you take the time to listen.

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