How you interact with customers matters

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I used to think that being able to leave a voice mail for a customer was the next best thing to talking to that person. I used to think that the convenience of being able to send an email to a customer at any time, day or night was efficient.

  Now I realize that many voice mails never get heard and the majority of emails get deleted without ever being read.

My company – and yours too – have three basic interactions with customers:

• The products we sell
• The services we offer
• The relationships we build
If you only focus only on product you run the risk of being considered a commodity.

If you focus on service as well as product you can differentiate and add more value to the transaction.

However, if you focus on the relationships you have with customers you can develop loyal evangelists who will stick with you in good times and bad.

“If you wait for opportunities to occur, you will be one of the crowd.”
– Edward deBono, Psychiatrist & Author

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