It’s all good.

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It was late in the day; the store was packed.  All around me unhappy people were complaining about long lines and slow cashiers.  The young woman behind me had only two items and a little girl in her cart.  My cart was full, so I invited her to go ahead.

Thank you,” she smiled, “We don’t mind waiting; Emily and I are enjoying our conversation.  It’s all good.”

It’s all good.

The impatience and criticism no longer seemed important.  The young woman’s comment made me realize it really IS all good.  I’d just found exactly what I wanted from a store I love.  I was going home to be with people I enjoyed and who cared for me.

It occurred to me that situations are what you make them.  When you smile at someone, more often than not, they smile back.  When you perform a kindness for someone, it gives you a sense of well-being whether you receive kindness back or not.

2024 is just around the corner – a year full of potential and juicy opportunity.

Where will you be?  Communing with unhappy complainers?  Or will you adopt the young mother’s philosophy and help someone else realize…  It’s all good.

The road is easier together,

Linda Laitala, President

Raven Performance Group

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