I’ve had a #!%@#! day!

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Linda here.
We have all had them – a day that starts bad and gets worse:  The dog wouldn’t come in which made you late for work. In a hurry and fumbling for keys, you drop your phone on the driveway and crack the screen.  Your boss/foreman/assistant looks like she’s in a sour mood as you walk by.  Then lunch rolls around, but not for you.  Your lunch is still sitting on the kitchen counter where you forgot it.  Sound familiar?   

Here’s what I do when I’m having a bad day: 1.Remind myself that life is not perfect.
2.Look for the lesson.
3.Today is bad, but tomorrow will be better.
4.No matter how bad it may seem right now, someone somewhere, has it worse.  Count my blessings.
5.It’s okay to cry.
6.Don’t be proud; it takes courage to ask for help.
7.On a bad day, there are always things to be thankful for: find and name three of them.
When you find yourself at the end of a bad day, remember, it’s just a day; tomorrow is a clean slate.  Spend the evening doing something you enjoy, go to bed early and say your prayers.

You’re welcome.

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