Is The Juice Worth the Squeeze?

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Linda here.
I heard an interesting phrase last week: “The juice isn’t worth the squeeze”. It caught my attention because it could mean so many things. The context in which it was used was attempting to determine if trying to achieve a goal would be worth the effort. Said another way, would the reward outweigh the risk?   

There is no limit to the ideas people have: new products, new pricing strategies, new marketing tactics, new places to visit, new additions to the family, new cabins or RVs or vacation locations. But we are faced with limited resources and not every great idea is worth time and attention.

Look at the areas in your life:

Relationships – Both romantic and platonic relationships require trust, commitment and compromise. You’ll find that the bonds you preserve define who you are. Make sure they’re worth the time and attention you’re investing.

Your work – Whether you own your own business or flip hamburgers for a living, make sure the long hours are laying the foundation for your future. If not, what changes might you make?

Your image – From plastic surgery to flashy jewelry, we all enjoy a little self-indulgence at times. But the pleasure derived from spending a significant amount on appearance is often short-lived. Contemplate alternatives when trying to better yourself: volunteer, visit museums, learn a foreign language or listen to thought-provoking podcasts.

Mistakes – Big or small, we all make them; what matters are the lessons we learn. When given the opportunity to measure options, make choices that will make you proud.

At the end of the day, you have to decide if the juice was worth the squeeze.

In the movie “The Girl Next Door” Matthew Kidman gives a speech about moral fiber, giving your all and knowing in your heart that “the juice is worth the squeeze”. It’s a little hokey, but weren’t we all at 18?

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