Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places?

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This may be the title of a Country Western song, but it’s also an issue some business owners face
as they try to hire new employees.
The following comment was made by a business owner who has been looking for just the right person for several months: “There’s no one worth hiring these days. We’ve interviewed lots of applicants, but for one reason or another they’re always rejected.”    After hiring employees for 20 plus years and making lots of mistakes along the way, I’ve learned sometimes there are good reasons why companies struggle to find great workers.

  1. They don’t let go of existing employees.  Entrepreneurs tend to hang on to long-term, loyal employees, even if they have a bad attitude, are low performers and a poor fit.  Let that person go!  They’re dragging down your organization and filling a spot that a great employee could fill.
  2. They don’t utilize appropriate resources.  In this age of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Meet-Up, you must use the methods frequented by the talent you seek.   Help-wanted ads on Craig’s List or in the local paper may result in a hire but you’re missing a lot of great, tech savvy applicants if placing those ads is all you do.
  3. They over-value job requirements.  Every position doesn’t need a college degree and 5 years of relevant experience.  Think outside the box.  There may be a motivated person who can do your job well if you’ll provide training and believe in them.
  4. Their business has no clear brand and no purpose.  Every company needs a vision and a mission.  Employees want to take pride in their work and the company they work for.  Why would someone want to be part of your team?  If you can’t answer this you’ve got some work to do.
  5. They under-estimate people. Do you encourage employees to exercise their talents and gifts?  People want to be challenged, to grow.  The next time you say, “There’s no way Sally could do that,” ask her.
  6. They keep saying there aren’t any good people.  That becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy and it’s not true.  There are good people who can help your business right now.  Expect to find them.  Keep your eyes open and stay positive about the process.

Business owners can be their own worst enemy when it comes to hiring and managing staff.  When you seek people who share your enthusiasm and values, you can attract and keep the cream of the crop.

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