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According to Netcraft there were 700 million websites in May 2012; at the current growth rate, we will hit 1 billion sites in 2013 and 2 billion sites in 2015. If that doesn’t make you lie awake at night wondering how potential customers will find your site, consider this:

  At the end of 2012, there were an estimated

2.4 billion internet users worldwide. By 2016, this number will nearly double. Much of this online access will happen through mobile devices in the developing world.

Generation Y (those born between 1980 and 2000) now outnumber baby boomers and 96% of them have joined a social network. Think how easy it is – there’s no initiation, no networking, no dues, no recommendations – just a few taps on the keyboard and voila’ instant connection to friends, family, retail stores, the world.

“Connectivity on such a scale will profoundly affect the way businesses communicate, educate, innovate, and scale. It will likely threaten security and overload infrastructure, but also catalyze massive social and economic progress.

How can business leaders leverage these seismic shifts to create new opportunities for global commerce and social action? How are governments likely to respond to the shifting ground under their feet? How will this new breed of connected consumers behave? What technologies will improve and accelerate internet use in the coming years?” (This from the on-line publication: “Quartz’)

How can you use this information in your business to take advantage of this ever changing economy to work smarter, recruit the right people, attract better customers and leave competitors eating dust as you pull ahead of the pack?

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