The Easy Way Out

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the easy way out

There are 32 days before 2019.  Then what?

If you like the way things are, status quo with no changes – then 2019 will roll in and you’ll deal with it as you always have, one day at a time.  Things can be taken for granted in your world.  You memorized and understood yesterday’s system, you’ll do fine in tomorrows.

No challenges, no ripples in the pool, and just the way you like it.  It’s simple really, we love to do what we love to do, and we avoid doing what we hate – even if it makes us better and tougher.  We tend to procrastinate when encountering tough issues and delay finding solutions.  People looking for the path of least resistance will always choose the easy way.

But the world changes. 2019 is a new year with new challenges, new projects and new ways of understanding.  The people who succeed in 2019 won’t take the easy way out. They won’t take anything for granted. They wake up every morning energized, curious and ready to test assumptions; how do things work and how can they be made better?  Discomfort is their comfort zone and they gravitate toward it. It’s in their DNA.

Finally, as the world changes, the people who are successful focus on building success on every step of their career journey. Instead of wondering if they’re on the right path, they make the most of whatever path they’re on.

Most people are the first type: comfortable and avoiding challenges. But a select few hit the ground running every morning. These people will find success no matter what 2019 brings. They are proactive and action-oriented. People bet on them. It takes courage and grit to land in the second category.

Where do you fall?

The road is easier together,

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