The Secret is Leverage

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How is it that one person can be super-productive, appearing calm and collected, while the person at the next desk is swimming in paperwork and frazzled?

The super-productive person has learned the secret of leverage.   

Leverage has amazing power; it allows us to multiply our abilities by applying pressure in the right places.  Want less stress in your life?

Organize your day:  The most effective producers organize their days into 10 to 15 minute chunks of time, with focus on the most important issues at the beginning of the day when they’re fresh.

Use other people’s time:  The most productive entrepreneurs are willing to delegate, allowing others to take daily tasks.  This allows them to focus on their priorities.

Use technology wisely:  It’s tempting to spend your time replying to non-essential emails, texts and voicing your opinions on social media.  That may be well and good, but is it essential to your plan and goals or is it sucking up your valuable time?

Get it out of your head:  Your brain can only hold so much, then things start dropping out.  When an idea occurs to you, write it down, come back to it when you have checked off your current priorities.  Getting it out of your head allows you to focus energy elsewhere.

Keep learning:  When you stop seeking out fresh ideas you start recycling the same old tired solutions.  Be open to interesting people and new avenues of thought: read, listen to podcasts, travel, attend workshops and seminars.  Sharing new information makes you more interesting and a more valuable member of the team.

Take time for yourself:  We’ve all been spread too thin; it creates stress and causes errors. Take 10 minutes each day to truly relax, be it meditation, a quiet cup of your favorite beverage or doing nothing.  Don’t check email, don’t call a friend, just unwind and let your mind recharge.  It’s incredibly refreshing.

When you leverage your time effectively, you’re more effective, efficient and productive.

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