How do you attract “Cream-of-the Crop” employees?

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Linda here.
A topic that crops up frequently in our CEO Roundtables is how to attract great employees.  The labor pool has plenty of average candidates, but businesses who want the best may have to brush up on the latest hiring strategies.   

Brand your company as a great place to work.  No tells your story better than you and the people who work for you.  Put video testimonials of employees telling why they enjoy their job on your website, and social media channels.  Apply for “Best Employer” and “Great Place to Work” awards.  Emphasize what makes you unique in your industry.

Polish that Glass Door.  Employers routinely look at Facebook profiles to learn more about prospective employees.  The tables have turned; websites like Glassdoor now give employees a place to rate their organization.

Be Willing to pay for Talent.  Make sure your total compensation package is competitive with the industry.  Emphasize perks such as training, innovation and potential for growth.

Embrace flexibility.  When full time expertise is hard to find, look for part time.  If it’s possible to use remote employee, but have a plan to manage them.

Simplify job applications.  If you use online recruiting sites, complicated applications can turn people off.  60% of all job seekers quit in the middle of filling out online applications because of length or complexity.

Give better perks than coffee.  Traditional benefits packages include health insurance, 401k and vacation/PTO hours.  Many job seekers are looking for a more laid back dress code, flexible hours and a company that is mission-driven.  Happy employees = happy employers.

It’s hard to find a perfect candidate, but training can get them close.  Flexibility and willingness to learn are important, however attitude and soft skills can be more important than experience.  Candidates that aspire to better themselves are the ones that will, in the long run, better your business.

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