Go, set the world on fire

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Go, set the world on fire

Ignatius, the solider who founded the Jesuit Order, often ended his letters to his followers with the expression: ite, inflammate omnia“Go, set the world on fire.”  He wanted the Jesuit priests to be afire with passion and zeal in spreading the Gospel to the world.

Remember the days when you used to love going to work?  You were challenged, excited and up for the next adventure.  Maybe work has gone stale for you or perhaps you’ve never had that kind of passion but would like to.

Brett Bacon, author of Millionaire Selling Secrets says,

“It’s so easy to forget why you do the work and focus only on how you do it.  You need to focus on the why and discover passion for it.  Ask yourself:”

  1. How will my product or service improve the lives of my customers?
  2. How do I add value for my customers?
  3. What is unique about what I offer that I can be truly proud of?

Bacon suggests that you write down the benefits you provide for your customers.  Then select the benefits that excite you the most.  Next, identify the features of your product or service that you think your customers want.  What excites them?  Finally, what is unique about you or what you offer.

Use this information to develop a mantra – one-sentence that captures the key benefit that you provide to your customers.  Make this the essence of why you are or how you can become passionate about your work.

It’s easy to forget why we do what we do.  Work issues, setbacks and the routine of daily life can make you forget your passion.  Be proud of what you do for your customers, your employees and your community; share it with everyone.  That will help you build and maintain passion.

Remember, there is no one else in the world exactly like you.  The passion you bring to your work and everyone it touches is what makes you uniquely you.  Go, set the world on fire.

The road is easier together,

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