Shaving a Yak

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Shaving a Yak

It all began with a suitcase…..

I started down the stairs to get a suitcase.

On the way I saw a scrape on the wall.

I drove to the hardware store to buy paint.

On the way, I passed the bakery and stopped for one of their delicious caramel rolls.

As I was eating the caramel roll, I felt a filling come loose.

I picked up my phone to make a dental appointment and saw a notice from a friend who was having a party.

I didn’t want to show up empty handed so I stopped for a bottle of wine.

You get the picture.  Whatever happened to the suitcase?

How does one stay focused on the original task?  It’s like pulling on a noodle in a plate of spaghetti, you pull one side and the other side moves.

Don’t misunderstand.  Everything I accomplished was good, but it all distracted me from my original goal of getting a suitcase.

In short, stay focused on the task at hand and don’t end up in Nepal shaving that yak!

What is yak-shaving?  Watch this video from a Fedora project leader.
The road is easier together,

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