You Can’t Change How Other People Act

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A friend lives in a suburb with lovely lawns, trees, and sidewalks: perfect for dog lovers to enjoy an outing with their pets. One of the realities of owning dogs is the “droppings” they leave behind. Most are conscientious about not leaving a mess in yards as they pass by. A few don’t care.

One neighbor who does not own a dog gets particularly incensed when dogs “drop” on his property and has erected an enormous wood-carved dog with a big red “NO!” as the dog is “dropping” on his lawn. You have to wonder about the daily energy impact this sign has on the nearby homeowners. Every morning when they walk out to pick up their paper, they have to look at a dog sh**ing on the neighboring lawn. It’s exactly what they are trying to avoid – what they don’t want. The sign will have little impact on the dogs or their owners as they stroll past. Even the irresponsible owners know what to do. They don’t need a sign.
Take away the sign.
You can’t change how other people think or behave. All you have control over is how you let their behaviors impact you and your energy. Focus your thoughts on things that are effective and energizing.What ineffective, energy-sapping signs are posted around you? How can they be modified to be effective and impactful?The road is easier together,
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