A 12-Letter Word That Inspires Greatness

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Your employees are the engine that makes your company run. They dedicate their time and effort to helping make your business thrive. While you likely appreciate your employees, are you making a conscious effort to voice your appreciation? After all, this is the 12-letter magic word that tells your employees you are aware of their contribution to your success.

According to Glassdoor’s Employee Appreciation Survey, 81% of participants said they’re motivation to work harder increases when their boss shows them appreciation. In contrast, only 38% work harder when their boss is demanding, and only 37% work harder because they fear being fired.

The daily pressure of running a business may make it hard to remember to show your appreciation. You pay your employees to put in their time and effort, so why should you have to praise them for doing what they’re paid to do? Acknowledging when employees do a good job helps create a positive work environment.

Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Verbal praise: be specific, react immediately when an employee shows innovation, completes a project, steps in to do over and above their assigned tasks.
  • Take the time to ask what the employee did to complete their task, listen and learn.
  • Develop an Employee of the month program: reward with a gift card or extra time off.
  • Have lunch brought in.
  • Make your praise public: post on your website, share with customers.
  • Above all, be sincere.

Creating a positive environment at work prevents the toxic atmosphere that can result in less productivity and higher turnover rates. In fact, one in five Americans leave their jobs due to a toxic workplace culture.

We all work better and harder when we know we are appreciated for our efforts. How do you make sure your employees know you are aware of the impact they have on your business?

The road is easier together,

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