Are You One Of “The Brave Ones?”

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Last Friday I attended Leadercast 2015; the theme was “The Brave Ones”.  The event featured 10 speakers including brave ones such as Malala Yousafzai, (the young woman who was shot by the Taliban because she advocated for the education of women) and Rudy Giuliani who led his city through horrific 9-11 ordeal.    When asked about bravery, they said they never thought

Who Owns Who?

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“How would you like to own this business?”  It wasn’t a new thought for Phil; he had managed operations for several years and now the owner wanted to sell.  Phil had lots of ideas and often offered suggestions for new products that would increase sales, but the owner disagreed and nothing had been done.  This was his opportunity.  He said

Without Processes What Can You Expect?

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Jim began his business as owner and only employee.  With persistence and good fortune, he expanded from his kitchen table to his basement, to his garage and on to a large rented building. As his client list increased, he added employees, expanded shipping and implemented new innovations to grow his business.

Planned Or Prepared?

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I’m pretty lucky.  I also make lots of plans: daily plans, work plans, meal plans and business plans.  I’ve learned over the years though, that life doesn’t always go as planned and being lucky only gets you so far.