Sometimes it Pays to Pester

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In the early years of our business, my husband did the sales.  He was pretty good at selling but he absolutely hated it.  He was tremendously relieved when I came on-board at Raven Machine & Tool and took over the sales and marketing.   

Can you also walk on water?

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In a previous life I was a headhunter.  I scoured the region looking for just the right people to fill jobs.  Applicants were screened and tested and interviewed.  Only the best two or three got “live” interviews.  The role I played was mostly detective; the higher the position, the deeper I dug.  It was pretty easy to ferret out the

Mistakes were made Lessons were learned

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I had lunch recently with Sam (not his real name) who owns a property development business.  He company purchases land all over the country, usually close to college campuses.  Their specialty is building apartments for student housing.  They would own and manage the properties for a few years and then sell them.  Life was good for a long time —

Let your employees make their own rules ~ what the heck?!

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Last week I was visiting with John, a fellow business owner who had discovered that one of his key employees (Chris) had been adding overtime hours on his time card that he hadn’t worked. John was beside himself, this wasn’t the first time Chris had been reprimanded for stealing; the last time it was for taking scrap material.   

I pick you. I pick you. I pick you.

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I pick you. I pick you. I pick you. Remember when you were a kid and wanted to play a team game? Two kids were captains and they chose their teams one-by-one from the remaining group. If you were picked early on, you felt great. The captain recognized your importance and your ability. It was a rush. You were wanted.

Numbers that will blow the top right off your head

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This is a blog with more questions than answers. According to Netcraft there were 700 million websites in May 2012; at the current growth rate, we will hit 1 billion sites in 2013 and 2 billion sites in 2015. If that doesn’t make you lie awake at night wondering how potential customers will find your site, consider this: