Do You Know What Your Employees Are Going Through?

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When will we finally be able to stop worrying about this #!!#%$ pandemic!? Unfortunately, that’s a question no one has a definite answer for. The result is fear, anxiety, and stress that according to the CDC, can be so overwhelming, it can lead to burnout.

Knowing what to look for help. Stress can make people feel irritated, angry, and uncertain. Some may feel tired and overwhelmed or seem to lack motivation, have trouble concentrating.

What can you do to help people manage stress and build resilience?

  • Communicate about job stress
    • Identify circumstances that cause stress and work together to find solutions.
    • Talk honestly about how the pandemic is affecting work. Expectations should be clearly communicated by everyone.
    • Post mental health resources in your community. Encourage employees to utilize them.
  • Develop a consistent daily routine when possible.
  • Encourage everyone to take breaks from work to stretch, exercise, or check in with colleagues, family, and friends.
  • Create areas where people can relax while social distancing.
  • Practice mindfulness.
  • Take a personal interest in individuals. Listen to what is important to employees in their personal lives.
  • Teach everyone the facts about COVID-19. Ensure they know how to protect themselves and others.
  • Encourage people to take breaks from the news. Use social media for fun stuff or not at all.
  • Encourage employees to check in on others via phone calls, texts, mailing letters or cards, video chat, etc. Helping others improves our sense of control.
  • Show funny movies or cartoons during breaks; comedy is a great way to reduce anxiety and it enables people to laugh. Laughter is great medicine.

The CDC website has more information on how to help your employees cope with job stress and build resilience.

We all feel better knowing we care about one another. Smile, ask questions, and encourage; it goes a long way.

The road is easier together,

Time is valuable. We are grateful you’ve chosen to spend some with us today.

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