My seven expectations of you

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Who comes to mind when you think of famous business leaders? Warren Buffett?  Indra Nooyi? Bill Gates?  Sheryl Sandberg? Each leads a great organization and has changed lives.

My vote goes to an individual closer to home. He helped shape the culture at East Central Energy, and his legacy of leadership continues.

Steve Shurts was the CEO of East Central Energy for 10 years.

When he was hired by the board of directors in 2010, Steve spent his first 30 days getting to know every employee; the role they play in the company, their family, and their interests. The result of his efforts is a corporate culture that is open, respectful, and encouraging. Shurts believes in growing people and in the importance of family.

Occasionally, he would send an email to employees called “Friday Philosophizing”. These were down-to-earth missals that shared some elements of his interaction with employees. One of his Friday Philosophizing contained the following:

“My seven expectations of you … and you should expect the same of me.

  1. Maintain excellent attendance.
  2. When you begin your day, your first duty is to ensure you are safe … and maintain that attitude all day.
  3. Do everything to enhance ECE’s reputation.
  4. Work efficiently and effectively.
  5. Treat each other with dignity and respect.
  6. Be honest with others … and yourself.
  7. Drive home safely and enjoy life … remember TGIF and TGIM.

Do you share your intangible expectations with your staff in such a caring manner?  Perhaps an occasional “Friday Philosophizing” communication is a good idea in every organization.

The road is easier together,

Linda Laitala, President
Raven Performance Group

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