October Question of the Month: Describe the hiring process in your company?

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Here are a few excellent peer responses throughout the month of October to the question: “Describe the hiring process in your company?”

“We used to have a 2-step interview process; if we liked the candidate on the first interview, we’d bring them back for a second.  That’s out the window now. Today, applicants seem to have two other offers on the table when they come in.  Now we give them a skills test on the first interview.  If they pass that, we make the offer.”

“We use a two-pronged approach.

  1. We pay a $750-dollar finder fee and have gotten decent employees.
  2. For the last 18 months, we’ve been recruiting basically on Facebook. We’ve gotten 50- 60 applicants.  We have three steps for the ones who come through Facebook.
  • Look at Facebook profile
  • HR will call them if that panned out and do a telephone interview
  • Supervisor of area and ops manager meets.

We hire based on what we can learn about the employee in a short amount of time (interview process).  We go into the relationship knowing that if the applicant meets our expectations, they’ll be with us a long time.”

“The hiring process is changing.  Job seekers are not engaged in the interview if they don’t feel a connection with the company or the interviewer.  We try to make that first connection warm.  We ask applicants:

  1. What do you want to do in 6 years?
  2. Describe the way you’ve changed in the last couple years?

Then we tell them a little bit about us, the company and the people who work here.  We know people have lots of options to choose from today, we try to make our option the best for them.”

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