Who Says You Can’t Learn That?

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On a lazy Sunday shortly after 8 PM, an eight-year-old boy drove his sister to a local McDonalds for a cheeseburger.  The drive-through staff soon realized this was not a prank, there were no adults in the vehicle!  When the responding policeman investigated, he discovered the parents were home in bed.   

The boy explained he really wanted a cheeseburger, so he looked up a video on YouTube and taught himself to drive.  (Not recommended, but certainly points out the possibilities.)

An attendee at a recent Inventor’s & Entrepreneur Club meeting has set aside an office with a computer and TV for employees who want to take classes online.  He showed a picture of two employees using the space while taking a course in personal budgeting.

You can learn almost anything online these days and from the most famous universities – AND most of the courses are free.

Khan Academy offers courses for every individual in a wide variety of areas.

On Lynda.com you have access to courses ranging from budgeting and Auto Cad to software development and Photo Shop.  Lynda.com has 7,862 courses and nearly a quarter of a million videos for $25 a month for the basic package.

Knowledge is at everyone’s fingertips; we must continually learn to keep our skills sharp which makes life more interesting.

Learning new skills makes us feel accomplished and confident.  It opens our minds, increasing our ability to find innovative solutions.  The more you learn, the more you realize there is to learn.

There are certainly other ways to gain new knowledge: join a book club, find a new hobby/interest, travel, continuous learning isn’t just about you.  Learning develops skills that change the way others see and relate to you.  The time has never been better and the price never lower.  If you’re interested in growing stronger in your life and career wake up each morning and learn something new.

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