Your Most Critical KPI Today

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In May, 2006 the Harvard Business Review published a story called Preparing for a Pandemic regarding the H5N1 strain of avian flu.  The article is a compilation of checklists and diagrams and warnings.  It also discusses leadership in times of uncertainty.
We’ve navigated the first few weeks of the COVID 19 pandemic somewhat successfully.  Essential businesses have continued, and their leaders are doing their best to care for, comfort and protect employees.  Employees are now working remotely, using technology in innovative ways and in most cases accomplishing work they otherwise would have done in the workplace.  Employers are doing everything within their power to protect employees that must continue to interact with the public.

Our present dilemma breeds uncertainty in all levels of the supply chain: end-users, shippers, and manufacturers – all the parts that keep the whole moving.  One slip on any level and it affects everyone.

Communication on every level is critically important today.

How often do you or someone in your company talk with every employee (whether they are working in your building or remotely) to commiserate, share the bad news, the good news and the plan for tomorrow?  If it’s less than daily, it’s too long.
How often do you call every one of your customers, reassuring, confirming and caring about their well-being:  asking about their biggest challenges and unmet needs and offering support?  If it’s less than every 7 to 14 days, it’s too long.

How about your critical suppliers?  Are they assured that your business will be there when the world rights itself?  What challenges are they facing?  Do they have unmet needs you could assist with?

As the leader of your organization, your most important KPI is the number of daily contacts you make with your team, your customers and your suppliers.

The road is easier together,

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