I am Thankful for…

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Today is Thanksgiving; a day to count your blessings and be grateful for:

1. A roof over your head
2. A family that loves you  
3. Receiving a second chance every day you wake up
4. Things you are good at
5. The opportunity to get an education
6. Freedom of religion/freedom from religion
7. Someone to make you smile on your darkest days
8. Humor
9. Wealth, not in money, but moments, people, experiences
10. Cherished memories of those who have left us, those we loved deeply and still miss
11. The ability to help someone in need
12. Life lessons that help you grow
13. Diversity, creating the opportunity to learn, listen and appreciate people who are different from you
14. Stress that pushes you to get the job done
15. Opportunities to be a leader
16. Weekends
17. The ability to learn from your mistakes
18. The kindness of strangers
19. The warmth and quiet conversation of a campfire
20. An internet connection, something unheard of two decades ago
21. __________________________________________
22. __________________________________________

Take time to appreciate and enjoy life and the many pleasures it offers.  It’s not about the food we eat or the things we receive, but what we give to others.

I am grateful to YOU, my readers for reading this blog and for allowing me into your lives each week.

Thank you.
The road is easier together,

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