Make It Spiffy

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Make It Spiffy

It’s been a long winter, but spring brings warm temps, bright flowers and spring showers.

“Spring cleaning” conjures up tackling projects to freshen up a home – it can also apply to our businesses. 

Here are some ideas worth exploring.

Clean your office.  Literally.  There’s never been a better time to sort, file and toss.  When was the last time someone vacuumed behind the printer?

Revisit the business plan.  Taking a fresh look at the business plan, can ensure the plan is still relevant and paints a picture of how the company has evolved.  A Forbes story suggests you revisit the plan once a year and update it to keep pace with the rest of your company.

Consider Productivity.  Technology has changed job duties and made information more accessible.  The downside can be rapid change and the availability of new tools.  That’s why it’s important – at least once a year – to take stock of the tools you use in business to see if they still meet your needs.  Look at programs that manage contacts, accounting, expense tracking, social media, cybersecurity and project management.

Think from a customer’s perspective.  This can be an exercise on improving customer experience.  In an article written for GoDaddy, Tom Rankin suggest you “Turn yourself into your own customer for a day.  Map out your typical customer journey, walk through the process of purchasing all the way to paying.  You’ll find areas of friction and confusion that could damage sales and cost you money.”

Host an event for your employees and/or your community.  It is a great way to gain trust.  You may consider an event that contributes a portion of the proceeds to a local charity.  Invite customers and include food and music.  Recruit other business owners to participate.  You might also consider hosting a book club, talks by local leaders, open mic nights and more.

It doesn’t all have to be about work.  Here are some suggestions of fun things you can do this spring.

Fly a kite
Plant seeds
Splash in puddles
Open all the windows in your house
Wash your car
Hang up a windchime
Build a birdhouse
Get your picture taken with the Easter bunny
Buy cheap day-after Easter candy
Celebrate Earth Day (Monday, April 22nd)

The road is easier together,

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