How to say goodbye – Part II

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The economy is thriving, unemployment is less than 4% Employees with high demand skill sets are being aggressively pursued by recruiters and talent acquisition firms.  
If one of your employees chooses to leave, the responses to these exit interview questions can uncover issues affecting your ability to retain quality employees, improve your career development practices and strengthen your company culture.
An Office Team Survey of 307 Human Resource Managers in the US found the following questions to be valuable in retaining key staff.

  1. What circumstances prompted you to start looking for another job?
  2. Under what circumstances, if any, would you consider returning to the company?
  3. Were there any company policies you found difficult to understand?
  4. Do you believe your job description has changed since you were hired and if so, in what ways?
  5. What did you like most about your job?
  6. What did you dislike most about your job?
  7. Did you have the tools, resources and working conditions critical to being successful in your role?  If not, which areas could be improved?
  8. Did you receive adequate feedback about your day-to-day performance and in the performance development planning process?
  9. Do you think management adequately recognized your contributions?  If not, how do you think recognition could be improved?
  10. What skills and qualifications do you think we need to look for in your replacement?
  11. What can the organization improve on?
  12. Do you have any suggestions for improving employee morale?
  13. Would you like to share any concerns about the company?
  14. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

End the exit interview meeting on a positive note. Clarify any points you have questions on.  Be gracious, wish the person success in his or her new endeavor.
Finally, review the data from the interview.  Too often companies collect exit interview information but do nothing with it.  That’s missing a valuable opportunity to create a stronger organization.

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