What bugs you?

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A Roundtable member recently shared the “What Bugs You?” campaign she started in her company. The focus was to encourage employees to be honest regarding what bugged them about their workspace: were there changes that would enable them to work more efficiently?

She was amazed at how engaged her employees were in the process. They peppered her with ideas on what could be improved. She took “Before” pictures and gave them the authority to implement their suggestions. Here are some ideas that became reality due to the “What bugs you?” campaign:

  • Wheels were mounted on table legs
  • Walls were washed and painted
  • Office areas were personalized with plants and baskets
  • Commonly used tools were organized in a dedicated area
  • Drawers and shelves were labeled

Before and after pictures were displayed to show progress.

The program’s simple, inexpensive ideas were successful beyond her wildest dreams, and the company has initiated a 5S Program to build on their success.

A question as simple as “What bugs you?” can give employees the opportunity to be invested in their surroundings, to provide input that will result in increased productivity, safety, and higher employee morale.

What bugs you?

The road is easier together,

Linda Laitala, President
Raven Performance Group

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