Would it make a difference?

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Would it make a difference if you …

  • Complimented three people
  • Showed up and shared
  • Sent a card to a friend
  • Became a mentor

  • Reconnected with a relative you haven’t seen in a while
  • Smiled at everyone you met
  • Scheduled an appointment for a mammogram
  • Scheduled an appointment for a PSA
  • Brought a meal to someone who was sick
  • Sat down with employees individually to learn more about their dreams and goals in life
  • Took a week away from work
  • Updated job descriptions
  • Called your top three customers and thanked them for their business
  • Sponsored a cause important to your employees (Ask them!)
  • Sent a thank you note to someone who made a difference in your life
  • Gave flowers to someone you love
  • Stayed home when you’re sick
  • Created a vision board
  • Turned off the computer or TV and read a book
  • Tried a weekend of digital detox
  • Held the door for someone
  • Learned to meditate
  • Let someone else drive through an intersection first
  • Told your son or daughter, “I believe in you”
  • Asked employees for ideas on how to delight customers
  • Prepped the night before for the day ahead
  • Slept 30 more minutes every night
  • Said thank you more often
  • Organized one area of your desk
  • Admitted you were wrong (when you were)

The road is easier together,


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