Tomorrow Your Company Will Look Very Different

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Brian’s daughter, Carrie, teaches fourth grade in an inner city school in St. Paul.  In her class, twelve different languages and dialects are spoken.  (There are 125 different languages and dialects spoken in the St. Paul school system!)  Her students represent different races, religions and vastly different socio-economic backgrounds.  There are translators available and several students attend ESL (English as a

You CAN Build A Great Team!

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A critical task every business owner faces is finding the right people to take their business to the next level.  But this is like making a rhetorical statement.  Everyone knows it’s true, but how do you accomplish it?

Question The Unquestioned

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Early in my career I worked in the engineering department for a Fortune 500 company.  Two or three times a week Bill, the Department Manager walked down the halls bombarding every employee with the following questions. “Hey!  How’s it going? Are you busy?   

Cyber Security 10 Ways To Protect Yourself

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You’re never too small to be attacked.  Breaches at big companies like Target, Sony and Wells Fargo make the news, but hackers are attacking smaller companies as well.  They’re looking for small companies who are in the supply chain for larger companies or businesses who accept credit cards as a form of payment. Hackers don’t just show up.  They look for