Should Work Be Fun?

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It takes time and experience to determine which pearls of wisdom we should keep or discard about the world of business. 

“If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t matter” is a classic.  It’s also false.  Some of the most important elements in business: trust, loyalty, collaboration and innovative energy are difficult to measure, but are critically important in successful companies.

Another well-worn statement is “It’s not supposed to be fun – that’s why they call it work!”  Does that mean work should be unpleasant, boring, arduous or annoying?  Is this statement fueled by fearful managers who perceive employees having fun at work as wasting valuable time?  For these managers laughing and joking among employees means they’re goofing off, which may not be true.  Finding work you love in a company whose culture meshes with your own is a triumph – something to celebrate, not apologize for.

In fact, Laughter Wellness is a unique methodology that shows how laughter can be used to promote wellness and well-being throughout a person’s life.  According to research:

  • Laughter aids in healing and provides important natural defenses against illness
  • Laughter diffuses stress, enhances problem-solving skills and creates new perspective
  • Laughter improves your mood and offsets depression
  • Laughter nurtures communication and improves empathy between people
  • Choosing to laugh and be positive teaches us to be at peace with others, our self and our environment.

If you are not anticipating your days with enthusiasm and excitement, the question to ask is “What can I do now to improve my life / work / situation with a positive attitude?

Each member of my CEO Raven Roundtables has chosen a word that best represents what they want their 2019 to be.  My word is “laughter”.

The road is easier together,


laughterSebastien Gendry is a Laughter Consultant.  Check out his interesting TEDx talk about how he sacrificed millions on his journey to find laughter.

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