The Silver Lining

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Every cloud has a silver lining; we must look for signs of hope in the negative situations surrounding us. It’s easy to become enmeshed in negativity: high unemployment, businesses going under, and lives turned upside down.

But many have also discovered creative ways to keep in touch and make our lives and our businesses work better.

We see things differently when our priorities shift. We’ve learned we are dependent upon each other for material and spiritual sustenance. We have found substitutes for live theater, meals at restaurants, even large celebrations.

We’ve learned to value front-line workers and articulate the gratitude they have always deserved. These include health care, police, fire, emergency, grocery and drug store workers, warehouse, transportation, and delivery workers.

We’ve learned to pay attention to the people who place themselves at risk to serve others. I always over-tip, but this year I took it to extremes. I know how lucky I am to have the economic security and resources to weather this storm. Watching the lines at food pantries and hearing the pain of people who normally support charity being forced to receive it is heartbreaking.

We’ve learned through countless examples that people can be incredibly generous when they see others in need. We pitch in and do what we can.

While curtailing travel, weddings, birthday gatherings, we have discovered new hobbies, new ways to exercise, and new ways to communicate. We are spending more time with loved ones, finding new streaming services, and reading books we now have time for.

A 15-year-old writing for UNICEF and wise beyond his years said, “It is not easy for us. Life takes many directions, but it’s important to live in the moment. I sit home, do my school assignments, go out on the balcony, and have tea or coffee. I listen to good music. I do all I can to stay positive. It matters to me that my brother, my parents, and my grandparents are safe and for them, I do my best. I write essays, I paint, and I read. This situation has taught me many things.

Life is a lesson we will continue learning. The clouds will keep coming but we can look for the silver lining by appreciating ourselves and those around us. Be grateful.

The road is easier together,

Time is precious. We are grateful you’ve chosen to spend some with us today.

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