A Few Of My Favorite Things

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Today is Christmas Day – and I hope you and and the people you love have a day filled with hugs and surprises and good cheer.  We are spending the holiday with family: Christmas Eve in Boyceville, WI and Christmas Day in St. Paul.  The picture to the right is Christmas 1954; my cousins and I were in my grandparents

I’m Thankful I’m Not Sleeping In A Car

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Thanksgiving is the time to feel gratitude and give thanks for the blessings in our lives – our life, our health, our friends and our families.  It’s the time to acknowledge the good deeds of others and be thankful.  Some of the most poignant Thanksgiving thoughts come from children:   

Please Don’t Make Me!

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My friend Susan isn’t very adventurous.  In fact, when anyone suggests a trip to another country or even another state she turns them down flat.  “I’m not much of a traveler,” she’ll say.  The truth is, the very thought of traveling to a strange place makes her feel uncomfortable and pushes her out of her comfort zone.   

“My Toothbrush is Smarter Than I Am!”

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My husband walked into the kitchen last week and announced, “My toothbrush is smarter than I am!” He may be right. Elmer’s new electric toothbrush has five brushing modes, a pressure sensor to tell him if he’s brushing too hard, Advanced Triple Zone Cleaning Technology, a digital wireless Smart Guide that acts as a clock when not in use, 8,800

What Will it Take to Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever?

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by Linda Laitala I’ve been posing this question to my Inner Circle members this month. The answers I’ve gotten have run the gamut from improving health to landing a million dollar project. The point of the question is to visualize what your life will look like next year. But don’t stop at the visualization – tell someone what you want

Insider Perspective: Are you managing with tunnel vision?

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As you plan for 2013, do you look back and wonder what you could have done to make 2012 stronger? If so, you’re not alone. Many plan but find gaps in execution. One frequent – but preventable gap is tunnel vision. It’s caused by being buried with work or by depending on people solely within your company or your industry