Guts, Persistence & Willpower

Ah, to be slimmer, more fit, healthier, richer!  If you have ever started a self-improvement program, you know what a challenge it is to stay on track.   

Question The Unquestioned

Early in my career I worked in the engineering department for a Fortune 500 company.  Two or three times a week Bill, the Department Manager walked down the halls bombarding every employee with the following questions. “Hey!  How’s it going? Are you busy?   

Cyber Security 10 Ways To Protect Yourself

You’re never too small to be attacked.  Breaches at big companies like Target, Sony and Wells Fargo make the news, but hackers are attacking smaller companies as well.  They’re looking for small companies who are in the supply chain for larger companies or businesses who accept credit cards as a form of payment. Hackers don’t just show up.  They look for

Retaining Top Employees Should Be Your #1 Priority

One of the most frustrating aspects of owning a business is having valuable team members quit.  Good employees are worth their weight in gold, especially in today’s market where there is strong demand to fill key roles in high growth companies.  Not only is it challenging to find a new employee who meshes with your company culture, a recent SHRM

Without Processes What Can You Expect?

Jim began his business as owner and only employee.  With persistence and good fortune, he expanded from his kitchen table to his basement, to his garage and on to a large rented building. As his client list increased, he added employees, expanded shipping and implemented new innovations to grow his business.