Are You Lucky or Are You Good?

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  Dean Johnson, owner of Arcon Construction Company was my first boss when I moved to Mora.  The year I joined Arcon, he treated all the employees and spouses to a week on South Padre Island, to celebrate their best year ever.  I listened as Dean described growing his highway-heavy construction business from nothing to sales of over $30 million

Do You Have The Guts To Be Candid?

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Linda here. I am often struck by comments people make when they miss an opportunity to speak up. “That man pushed right in front of me without even an ‘Excuse me’.  I wish I’d have told him how long I’ve been waiting.” “She knows I don’t like to reprimand people, so she pushes the rules a hair past the limit

Santa’s Secrets To Success

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Linda here. I received a wonderful book this year called “The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus” by Eric Harvey.  I’ve always loved Santa; even as a kid I wondered how he could accomplish so much with just a few elves and Mrs. Claus. The book explains all.   

December Is Lost Only If You Want It To Be

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Linda here. I’ve heard many people lament over the years, “We might as well close down in December.  No one’s mind is on their business; it’s all about the holidays”. If you follow that thinking, then you can’t do business in January because no one has any money, summer’s bad because everyone is on vacation, spring and fall are bad

You’re Not Born With Integrity

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Linda here. I was having coffee with a successful realtor friend recently.  She’s growing her business by building a team of the brightest and best professionals she can find. She recently interviewed a new realtor, John.  He was intelligent, energetic and hungry to be successful, all traits she was seeking.   

Don’t Try To Boil The Ocean

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Linda here. Working with business owners is over-the-top fun!  They’re smart, savvy, interesting and willing to share their hard-won wisdom. That was the case with Wally. He purchased a small manufacturing plant, growing it into a $15 million company in 5 years.  Wally is intelligent and outgoing; he has learned valuable lessons along the way and is not shy in

What Bugs You?

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Linda here. Roundtables are a great place to make you think outside the box and pick up new ideas. A couple months ago, a business owner shared the “What Bugs You?” campaign she started in her manufacturing company.   

“I Can Get It Done Cheaper”.

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Linda here. Mike’s manufacturing company employs 50 people. For years Mike and his employees have been frustrated with inefficiencies due to cramped space and disorganization.  One major area of concern is the tool room. His company needs a space dedicated to storing tooling and fixtures.