What’s Your Perspective?

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What do you see when you look at your business: the same machines, the same equipment, the same people performing the same duties?

What can happen when you really SEE what you are taking for granted?

In the 1950’s Schlitz beer hired an advertising agency to help boost the company’s sagging sales. The agency’s creative team went on a tour of the factory. There were plate-glass rooms where beer was dripping over pipes that were filled with filtered air, so the beer could be cooled in purity. Every pump and pipe were cleaned twice daily. Every bottle was cleaned 4 times by machinery. Amazed, the ad execs asked why Schlitz never extolled their strict sanitation procedures.

To Schlitz, it was not unique, every beer producer used the same processes.

Upon seeing the same routine from a different perspective, Schlitz started describing their process. This commercial explains how sales went up and Schlitz became the number one beer.

When we change how we see things, we change what is possible.

Seeing with fresh eyes means seeing familiar sights with the same sense of newness and discovery that you experienced the first time you saw them.

When you walk through your company’s door tomorrow morning try to develop a new perspective by asking yourself:

  • What does my lobby look like? Is it visitor ready? What does it say about my company?
  • What about my employees? Are they productive? Are they happy to be here?
  • Are my policies and processes effective? Do they match the vision I have for my company?
  • What are you overlooking in your business?


The road is easier together,

Linda Laitala, President
Raven Performance Group

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