Don’t bring me problems, Bring me solutions

Early in my career I was a personnel assistant at FMC Corporation, Northern Ordnance Division in Fridley, MN.  The company had a policy that an employee would only be reimbursed for education and training if it directly related to the job they performed.   

Your Choice

One of my favorite bloggers is Seth Godin and one of his best blogs is below. Your Choice Habits are a choice Giving is a choice Reactions are a choice   

What does wood have to do with business?

  When I was growing up, we heated our farm house with wood.  Every year Dad would go out into the woods and cut down trees, split and stack many cords of woods.   

What’s extinct in your company?

  One of the most innovative scientific ideas today is reviving extinct species: the mammoth, the laughing owl, and the carrier pigeon.  In all, 63 species have gone extinct since 1700.   

Noble Goals?

Kent Gilmore, President of Nahan Printing talked yesterday about business strategy.  He’s an engaging speaker who brought business concepts to life with his experiences and anecdotes.  The ideas he shared were absolutely relevant to members of my roundtables.   

Should you ever fire a customer?

Some truths are universal. •The sun rises in the east •The truth is the truth even if no one believes it •Nature weeds out the stupid   


  This is a word I hardly ever use and one I don’t hear others use often either.  It’s a powerful word, defined as “suffering from intense grief – crushed by grief”.