Do You Give Your Customers Moments Of Magic Or Moments Of Misery?

In 1986 Jan Carlzon, former president of Scandinavian Airlines wrote a book called “Moments of Truth”.  As Carlzon says, “Anytime a customer comes into contact with any aspect of a business, however remote, it’s an opportunity to form an impression.”   

Light Bulb Moments – Bring ‘Em On!

I love going to conferences and being exposed to new ideas.  That’s why I attended the MREA Energy Issues Summit last week and that’s where I had my most recent “light bulb” moment.   

What Million Dollar Customer Have You Ignored today?

Have you ever had a bad car-shopping experience?  Jim, an acquaintance, was shopping for a high end, luxury car.  He contacted six dealerships.  All sold expensive cars, yet only one showed genuine interest.  The manager took all the time Jim needed, was highly knowledgeable and even told him when he could come back to look at a new model just

Gems Overheard On A Shuttle Bus

I took a vacation to Las Vegas last week.  I’m not much of a gambler but I love the energy on Fremont Street.  The unique characters, the bright lights and the largest gold nugget in the world have an indescribable appeal for me. (Yes I had fun and no I didn’t win any money.)   

Are Your Customers Killing You?

The wrong kind of customer can kill your business. Most entrepreneurs start their business with a customer attraction philosophy of “bring ‘em on – the more, the better!”   

Who’s Your Number 2?

A couple years ago a member came to my roundtable with the following issue:  “My Dad is dying from cancer in Michigan and I have to be with him.  I don’t have anyone trained to run my company when I’m gone.  What can I do?”   

People Know if You’re Watching

Last week a friend was venting his frustration about his neighborhood coffee shop.  Early every Saturday morning he goes for a run, planning to stop to read the newspaper and have a leisurely cup of coffee when the shop opens.